Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Sorry , no captions. Just a few photos I made playing with photoshop.
Kate as an African woman.

Natalie Portman as a Black woman

...and Emma from India.

       If anyone wants to cap these be my guest... I would love to see what you come up with. 

Spiritual Awakening

This caption was interesting to write to me. How would a good person from 1849 view the world today? I am not saying that time was anywhere near perfect... having slavery and genocide of a native people being some of the top reasons for how bad it actually was, but there were still people who only wanted to improve the world then too. How would a woman from that time react to the way women acted today? Would she see us all as jezabelles and floozies? Would she see all our bad habits as reasons we will burn? Or would she be proud of our accomplishments for womens rights, and empathy? Of course Opelias' attitude on describing Selena Gomez when she first sees her is a little racist , but I believe that is how she would describe Miss Gomez. It was just how they described people in the times. I don't believe Ophelia would use that description maliciously... personally I think Selena has grown into an exceptionally classy young woman and is a role model for young girls, even with the horrible tabloid gossip about her. So back to my question. How do you think a woman like Ophelia would see our world today?